a certain magical index filler

1Academy CityMANGA CANON2008-10-04
2Innocentius (The Witch Hunter King)MANGA CANON2008-10-11
3Necessarius (The Church of Necessary Evil)MANGA CANON2008-10-18
4Perfect Memory AbilityMANGA CANON2008-10-25
5Limit (12 o’clock)MANGA CANON2008-11-01
6Imagine BreakerMANGA CANON2008-11-11
7The Science Cult (Misawa Cram School)MANGA CANON2008-11-15
8Ars Magna (Golden Transmutation)MANGA CANON2008-11-22
9Deep Blood (Vampire Killer)MANGA CANON2008-11-29
10Mikoto Misaka (Sissy)MANGA CANON2008-12-06
11Sisters (Sisters)MANGA CANON2008-12-13
12Level 6 (Absolute Ability)MANGA CANON2008-12-20
13Accelerator (One Way)MANGA CANON2008-12-27
14Weakest vs. Strongest (Strongest vs. Weakest)MANGA CANON2009-01-08
15Angel Fall (Angel Fall)MANGA CANON2009-01-15
16Touya Kamijo (Father)MANGA CANON2009-01-22
17The Power of God (Archangel)MANGA CANON2009-01-29
18Replica (Impostor)MANGA CANON2009-02-05
19Last Order (The End)MANGA CANON2009-02-12
20Virus Code (Final Signal)MANGA CANON2009-02-19
21Counter Stop (Identity Unknown)MANGA CANON2009-02-26
22Golem (Stone Figure)MANGA CANON2009-03-05
23Friends (Hyoka Kazakiri)MANGA CANON2009-03-12
24Imaginary Number School District – Five-Element AgencyMANGA CANON2009-03-19
25The Last Day (August 31)MANGA CANON2010-10-08
26The Book of LawMANGA CANON2010-10-15
27The Amakusa ChurchMANGA CANON2010-10-22
28Sheol Fear (Voice of the Magicbane)MANGA CANON2010-10-29
29Lotus WandMANGA CANON2010-11-05
30Remnant (Wreckage)MANGA CANON2010-11-12
31Move Point (Coordinate Relocation)MANGA CANON2010-11-19
32The Daihasei FestivalMANGA CANON2010-11-26
33Route Disturb (Pursuit Inhibited)MANGA CANON2010-12-03
34Shorthand (Stenographic Sourcebook)MANGA CANON2010-12-10
35Stab SwordMANGA CANON2010-12-17
36Belvedere (The Observatory)MANGA CANON2010-12-24
37Croce di Pietro (Apostolic Cross)MANGA CANON2011-01-07
38City of WaterMANGA CANON2011-01-14
39Queen’s FleetMANGA CANON2011-01-21
40Rosary of the Appointed TimeMANGA CANON2011-01-28
41Penalty GameMANGA CANON2011-02-04
42Serial Number (Specimen Number)MANGA CANON2011-02-11
43The Researcher (Amata Kihara)MANGA CANON2011-02-18
44Hound Dog (Hound Squad)MANGA CANON2011-02-25
45Testament (Learning Device)MANGA CANON2011-03-04
46The Divine Retribution SpellMANGA CANON2011-03-11
47PrewarMANGA CANON2011-03-25
48Skill Out (Armed Gang)MANGA CANON2011-04-01
49UnrestMANGA CANON2018-10-05
50The Right Seat of GodMANGA CANON2018-10-12
51The Document of CMANGA CANON2018-10-19
52The Dark Side of Academy CityMANGA CANON2018-10-26
53Dark MatterMANGA CANON2018-11-02
54Super-espersMANGA CANON2018-11-09
55The Third LevelMANGA CANON2018-11-16
56Saint BreakoutMANGA CANON2018-11-23
57Holy Mother VenerationMANGA CANON2018-11-30
58Sky Bus 365MANGA CANON2018-12-07
59British LabyrinthMANGA CANON2018-12-14
60MercenariesMANGA CANON2018-12-21
61Curtana OriginalMANGA CANON2018-12-28
62HeroesMANGA CANON2019-01-11
63Spark SignalMANGA CANON2019-01-18
64The Governing BoardMANGA CANON2019-01-25
66The Alliance of Independent NationsMANGA CANON2019-02-08
67Misaka WorstMANGA CANON2019-02-15
68A Reason to ProtectMANGA CANON2019-02-22
69The Star of BethlehemMANGA CANON2019-03-01
70GabrielMANGA CANON2019-03-08
71Fuse = KazakiriMANGA CANON2019-03-15
72IndexMANGA CANON2019-03-15
73WingsMANGA CANON2019-03-22
74Son of GodMANGA CANON2019-04-05

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